Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Keeping Busy

Just a short note to let folks know I'm still keeping busy, even if I haven't blogged much the past week. I finished reading the 2nd draft of THE REFLECTING STONE and am currently reflecting on what to do to finish the story. The second half got a bit looser since I tried some new things out. They were very intriguing, but I might want to tone some of it down, or cut some of it out altogether. Not sure yet. Otherwise, the various scenes did work well individually for the most part, and some very intriguing new leitmotifs came out of this 2nd draft, things I'll definitely keep. I'm taking more time to reflect, since this next "push" should be the final one that involves any substantial writing -- I may just rewrite some chapters, rather than the whole draft, or I may yet do a 3rd complete draft, not sure yet. After this next "push" though I do expect the story to be within a short distance of "complete" and to require only some editing. This 2nd draft is already so much farther along than any of the previous work on this same story and it suggests the final novel already. There is certainly light at the end of the tunnel and it's within sight.

Apart from this, I'm reading a lot and working on some other projects, but nothing to comment on here.

I'm taking a break from the PWP until I get feedback from the registered writers about the story description (email me at your convenience, no rush). I am thinking of launching that in late summer or early autumn, which might be a better time for that than during the height of the summer. Also, I want at least 6 writers signed up before starting, as I think that would be a minimum number that would make it interesting and foster meaningful feedback.

Okay, so "short" is long, but that's the way it is when I sit down to write -- the words just flow....




Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Adrian, finally got settled more or less and time to read blogs again. Still haven't started writing yet but today got more organized. My head is still in Athens so I should get myself involved in the Greek world again soon.

Suresh said...

I have emailed you the feedback of the story on July 2nd. Hope you have received it.


RomanceWriter said...

Happy Fourth of July!

Susan Flemming said...

E-mail sent... hope you received it. I'm using a new e-mail service/address, so I'm still working out the bugs.

Adrian Swift said...

Welcome back, Wynn! It's nice hearing from you. Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

Suresh and Susan, I just checked and have received your emails. Thank you. I'll go over them and will email you back.

Romance Writer, thanks and hope you had a nice holiday, too!