Sunday, January 28, 2007

Working on the Prose

Last weekend an old injury flared up and I spent most of the past week on pain medication and in pain. That is not really the best circumstance for writing, so I had to set things aside, even though I did try to write a few times, but it was entirely unproductive.

I'm feeling much better now and am back to work on the prose. I want to stay in prose mode now until I finish this complete first draft of THE ISLE.

Thanks to "Romance Writer" for your recent comments. I appreciated them! Please feel free to link to my site, and I will add a link to your site soon. I visited your site briefly and was impressed with it. I'll visit it again soon and post some comments there! Nice to "meet" another dedicated aspiring writer!

By the way, I have some links in the sidebar to articles on writing. Those sites belong to established romance writers. The articles are excellent and have been very helpful to me over the past year.

Best wishes to everyone else working on a novel!


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