Monday, January 15, 2007

Updated Links

While toiling away on minor site maintenance this evening I found that the link to the description of THE REFLECTING STONE had become outdated and no longer worked. I fixed it so you can now read the back-cover blurb for my first novel again. Just look for the "BACK-COVER BLURBS" header. Coming soon will be the back-cover blurb for my second novel, THE ISLE, as soon as I finish revising my outline!

Also, Dayya has updated her Pendrifter blog, moving it to a new site. Looks great! But then again, it always did!. I updated that link also under "WRITERS' BLOGS".

If you haven't visited the Pendrifter site, you should, since it's always interesting and the images Dayya shares are wonderful, very inspiring for us creative types.


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