Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interesting Blog Postings

I've found some new blog sites to visit, and will update my links to other authors' blogs in the coming days. I wanted to share links to a few specific blog postings I've read in the past week, in case they are of interest to others who visit my own blog.

The reason these postings seemed interesting to me at this time is probably that I am in the middle of editing THE REFLECTING STONE and, for a lot of writers, the middle of anything seems a hard place to be (reminds me of a joke a famous drag queen told me once, but perhaps I'll choose not to post it here).

This posting is from a recently published author who writes about "The Great Divide" that separates the published from the unpublished, and how she feels now that she has crossed it. Fascinating!

This blog currently has a couple of recent postings ("Discipline, Deadlines and Creativity" and "Going Hollywood") about the importance of discipline, of keeping at it, and how deadlines can help that (as well as collaborative vs. individual writing projects).

Finally, this posting on a literary blog mentions a renaissance in gay fiction, saying that some of the most exciting writing in America these days is being done by gay authors. Whether that's true or not, it sounds encouraging to an aspiring gay writer.

I could not find a copy of Terry Brook's book on writing, "Sometimes the Magic Works", which was recommended to me not long ago. I managed to reserve a copy through the library. The copy has come in, so I'll be picking it up and reading it over the coming week. I read reviews of it on Amazon. I remember reading "The Sword of Shannara" many years ago and putting it aside -- it was too boring! I think I was so spoiled by "The Lord of the Rings" that anything else would have disappointed me. I would be curious to check out his writing again now and see whether my response to it is different. I seem to remember that I couldn't seem to care about his characters or their goals. Probably I just wasn't "into it" at the time. It's amazing to read the reviews of different books on Amazon (or other booksellers' sites). Some people just love something to death, and others can't stand it. Tastes vary!

Keeping at the editing, feeling very happy with the recent progress. Laying a solid foundation in the current work (Chapters 4 and 5) for many scenes I know they tie into in later chapters.



Wynn Bexton said...

I checked out the links. Very intersting, thanks. There's a few of us who are chugging along with our writing/editing. It's good to read about other people's experiences and techniques.

Devon Ellington said...

SOMETIMES THE MAGIC WORKS is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it.

RomanceWriter said...

Thanks for posting the link to The Great Divide. That looks like something I wouldn't mind reading. I will check it out.