Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 Reasons to Be Happy

Considering the neverending struggle which is novel writing, it is important to find whatever causes for JOY you can along the way, to keep the process from being or becoming total drudgery. Toward that end, as I continue editing Chapters 4 and 5, I have recently found two reasons to be happy!

1) I finally wrote that scene from Chapter 4 that I felt needed to be there. It allows the main character to do some "reacting" and planning with another major character, rather than alone. It works very well, and is much better. I'm really happy with this improvement. It makes for a much stronger progression in the plot.

2) I finally hit on an excellent way to avoid the nasty info dump that I have at the end of Chapter 5. Oh, it's terrible! Grown men have jumped screaming from the decks of ocean-going vessels with far less cause than reading this nasty info dump. It is so large, the UN recently petitioned me study its impact on third-world countries, considering how Americans like to use the rest of the world as a dumping ground. (I wrote back and told them I was keeping it all in my own backyard at this time but would study the potential for widespread negative impact before releasing it into the environment.) Suffice it to say, using this excellent alternative method works so well that not only am I happy, but my main character is happy, too, since he no longer has to sit through it!

Yes, the work goes on!


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Sue said...

Oh doesn't that feel great when you finally get a chapter or a scene right and you just know that it works, not just for that particular chapter or scene but for the whole book. I love it when that happens.

And your second reason to be happy made me smile. But you know... the UN has funded stranger studies... and just think you could write full-time and charge it off as research. ;o) Hmmmm... lol