Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Reading A'Plenty!

Just a quick update. I'm still on my Creative Break and enjoying my intense focus on reading right now. I've found some wonderful resources and am thoroughly immersing myself in the Middle Ages, both history and culture. I'm learning lots that I didn't know before and am expanding my understanding of what that fascinating era was all about.

Still reading the Dragonlance trilogy and lining up other books to read after I finish it. It's great to be reading a book where the word "elf" appears as if it's not at all unusual.

Otherwise, it looks like we're finally getting a break from the intense summer weather, although the folks out in California sure aren't, what with the massive forest fires and the Category 4 hurricane on its way. Wish them well, especially the people down south in Baja who are directly in the path of the storm.

Best wishes for your own reading, and may it fuel the fires of creativity,


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