Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Happy Inauguration Day to all of us! I usually keep my comments on this blog solely to writing topics, but I can't help it: after waiting eight years for the darkness to end, I have to say FANTASTIC! Almost thought this day wouldn't come.

Congratulations to President Obama, Vice-President Biden and their families, and thanks to all who supported them.

There is hope again . . . .




scott said...


Are you entering the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, cosponsored by CreateSpace.com? The contest accepts entires February 2 - 9, and I think you'll find the potential rewards exciting.

I'm finishing a very, very rough first draft of my novel to submit to the contest--might as well see what happens!

Adrian Swift said...

Hi, Scott!

Nice to hear from you! I think I heard mention of that contest some time ago, but had not kept up to date about it. Thanks for mentioning it! I'll be sure to check it out and see whether I have anything suitable to submit!

Glad to hear you are finishing your rough first draft! I know that is a major event and I'm amazed at how quickly you've managed to pull it off!

Best of luck to you with your novel and the contest!