Wednesday, September 24, 2008

80k & Counting

I'm making progress on the final chapters. JASPER now stands at 80k with two more chapters to go, or three, depending on how it turns out. I should finish it this week.

The new material is rough and there will definitely be a need for editing. However, I have seen where my rough material winds up very nicely polished once I spend time with it, so that doesn't concern me.

I'm following the extended outline and sticking to it. I felt a sudden urge to add yet another twist, but refrained from venturing off the course I've set. I feel that I'll finally understand what I'm trying to do once I've done it. In spite of having a definite plan that does spell out the important issues, I still feel as though I'm not familiar with it. It's an odd feeling and could be the result of either my not seeing something that I need to know and don't even realize that I need to know, or the simple fact that this newer material at the end of the story is just so much newer to me than the rest of the story that it's taking time for it to sink in. It'll be interesting to see what I think about it once it's written, whether the ending I'm writing now is really the right ending and just needs editing to blend it all together, or whether I've missed the mark in spite of thinking I know what I'm doing.

I've also reflected more on the issues discussed in my last posting. I realize the late-stage slump is really the main factor in my tribulations which are now playing out in Act III. I never thought I suffered from that like other writers do, but now I see I do experience this syndrome. The fact that I recognize it gives me courage, because I'm good at solving problems once I know what they are. I'm sure I'll prepare myself well for this with my next novel and will find ways to help me through the late-stage slump. I already see several things I can do to minimize the difficulty and delay I encounter when I'm most of the way through the manuscript. I see also that this is exactly what happened to me with the JACK & JILL story when I set it aside. Different story, different story particulars, but the very same experience for me, the same pattern or syndrome. Well, I'll be ready for it next time!

The writing goes on, and I'm happy that I'm making progress, even though it's a weary, trudging sort of progress. Each step through the muck and mire brings me closer to the final page....

Best wishes for your own continued progress, and ability to stay out of the muck,



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're making some good progress. Keep it going! I know that "slump" well. Writing can really wear you down, mentally and physically. I don't know what the cure is--time away helps, but then the writing doesn't get done.

Debra Young said...

I've been in the late stage slump of the rewrite with Loose Daddy for quite a while now and only just figured my way out of it. Now if only I can get the words to start. You're doing great--keep it up! d:)