Thursday, August 07, 2008


Apparently I must have written 5k words yesterday, since the word count grew by that much. I did a little editing of the last chapter, then wrote the second chapter that I knew I needed. I finished it, and actually started on the chapter that follows that one, which means breaking fresh ground!

Yes, I'm now officially into Act III! (*loud cheer* *happy dance*)

And it's off to a great start. I ran out of time to write and literally had to DRAG myself away from the computer (no, not that sort of drag -- not my scene -- more like a forceful extrication of someone who does NOT want to leave his keyboard!). The story is literally writing itself at this point. If I can keep this up, I can charge admission to paranormal fans who want to see what it looks like when a writer channels a story from the great Unknown. Definitely, I'm on a roll.

Well, enough for the joy and elation and all that.

Back to work, as soon as I can!

Oh so eager,


Anonymous said...

Glad to see it's going so well! May I borrow some of your speed? d:)

KATE EVANS said...

Well, you've been off your blog for almost a month now, so I'm expecting to hear of more progress soon.

Adrian Swift said...

Thank you, Kate (and Dayya!) for your comment. I appreciate the encouragement!

It's been up and down this past month. I'll blog soon with the progress. I'm trying to reach a writing goal at the moment and am almost there. I'll blog after I reach it, sometime this coming week or by next weekend.

Wishing everyone a safe hurricane season,