Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008: A Year of Writing Furiously

The glitter begins to settle, the throbbing in my ears dies down to a faint, rhythmic hum ... the frantic commotion of the past few weeks gives way to gentle calm. Reassuring signs that a return to normalcy might indeed be possible.

I have decided to call 2008 my Year of Writing Furiously, a year in which I'll strive to write as many stories as I can. There is a value in writing my way through complete stories. Each time I learn more about the various parts of the three-act plot template, I understand better how things are set up and then realized later, how things tie together, how one part of the story supports another. Each time through I get better at conceptualizing stories, keeping myself on track, moving with more confidence and a more finely-tuned story sense. Even if I end up with a number of first drafts and a backlog of editing to do, still I will have advanced my skills at storytelling, the foundation aspects, which I need to hone and strengthen. I also want to complete at least two stories, three if I can, so that I'll have something to start sending out this year.

I've begun to hear my many Muses again, calling out to me, their sweet melodies drifting across the primordial sea, the Urstoff out of which our universe and our reality were fashioned. Powerful voices, muted still by the techno beats I can't quite free myself from. When I achieve silence in my own mind, I'll be able to hear those voices clearly again.

For now, I seek oblivion. Being and not being. Thinking and not thinking. Feeling and not feeling. In that twilight, I can look up and see not the world as it is, but as it could be, as it once was, as I am sure it is elsewhere. I can see across the planes of existence and know there is more, and find a way to bring it into being within our own world. A way to draw the energy of pure creativity into physical form, a series of symbols on the page that spell out stories which I know must somewhere be true.

Best wishes to all aspiring writers in 2008,


P.S. Hope you enjoy the new look for this blog. I have also done away with the ellipsis after the title ("Chronicling the Novel..." is now "Chronicling the Novel").


Wynn Bexton said...

Wow! I love the new look! And Bravo to you. Yes, let's wish for all of us to have a successful writing year. I feel it's already happening and it's only begun.

RomanceWriter said...

Year of Writing Furiously-

I love it!

And about your erasing those elipses, only a writer could understand what the important difference between having those or not in the title. Without them, you seem more settled and sure of yourself.

Wishing you all the best!

Scotty said...

How dearly I hope my year is that of writing furiously, too. I've just started my new blog, and though it hasn't been easy, I've managed to update it as consistently as I've promised. Why, then, do I find so much difficulty in writing fiction--the muse, the end-all and be-all of my existence?

Excuse my melodrama, but perhaps others fail the pain too!

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

dayya said...

Wow! What a surprise! NICE! "Year of Writing Furiously" -- I'm with ya! d:)