Sunday, September 02, 2007

How A Good Shower Can Help You Find An Agent

Okay, there's lots I could do with an opening like that....

But I'll keep it focused on two ideas. The first one is about the shower, the second one about the agent.

Like many writers, I find certain moments tend to work for me as "creative time". One of these moments is when taking a shower. The other day, when taking a shower, my eyes closed, water streaming all over me, I had a powerful set of visions, the kind you can only get in the shower. I saw key scenes from my novel, the pivotal scenes that I've been trying to figure out what to do with, and I saw how these scenes could unfold, and lead from one to the other. It was great to see how I could draw a line, connect the dots, bring motivations and circumstances forward in a meaningful, logical and satisfying way. I felt I had most of the answers I needed and with only a little more thought I'll be ready to finish the novel.

It's important to capitalize on moments like this. When you get those insights, when those powerful visions stream through your mind, you have to focus on them, go with the flow, let the creativity take you where it wants to go. This is your inner voice opening, the well-spring within you telling you where your story needs to go. Such deep insights are either right, or very close to it. A little reflection can help bring them into line with all the other story decisions you've made over time, or help you adjust other things to mesh with the visions. If the insights are right, you'll know it, deep down, and you'll see it because things will fit together without much difficulty. Just be sure to write down some notes afterward, to help you remember as otherwise you might lose some of the fascinating details.

The second idea concerns finding an agent. I just wanted to share that Susan Fleming has recently posted on her blog about this, with a couple of links that are more than worth checking out. Visit her blog to see what it's all about.

These two ideas are related. I think if you take a lot of showers, you'll smell nicer and you'll have so many great ideas, what agent wouldn't want to read your manuscript? Just don't shower with the manuscript -- that approach has not been scientifically proven to have any positive benefits for writers or manuscripts, and may result in ruined pages or damage to electronic devices.

Wishing everyone much progress with their WIP's,



Susan Flemming said...

Okay... got it. NO showers with manuscript pages. :o)

I have those "creative time" moments too. If I'm stuck on how to develop an idea I've had or needing to figure out a way to write a certain scene... I go for a walk. Usually about half way throug the walk, the ideas start flowing and by the time I get home, it's straight to the computer to get the words out and on the page.

I think that's one of the reasons why this summer it was so difficult for me to write... I was stuck and it was just too hot to go for walks to get unstuck. I usually need at least half a mile before the solutions start surfacing... a minimum of a mile before the ideas are really jumping and in 100+ temps, those walks weren't advisable. Thank goodness the temps have cooled a bit now.

And thanks for linking to that blog entry Adrian. The more we and our fellow writers are aware of the submission process, the smoother that process will go for us.

KATE EVANS said...

Good entry--inspiring--thanks. And thanks for the link...serendipity because my partner and I were just talking tonight about our upcoming trip to Hawaii in December!

RomanceWriter said...

When I am driving is one of my moments to think about my writing and characters.

Debra Young said...

Going with the flow...the water flow, that is. Yep; I'm with you about showers. Something about that steamy fall of water sparks my thoughts and I've written whole scenes w/dialogue, setting details, emotions--the whole pie. Sometimes when I've got a naggy problem, I wait until I get in the shower in the morning. I've solved a good many issues that way. d:)

RomanceWriter said...

LOL at your last paragraph.

Ross said...

just a quick note to point out that u misspelled a heading: WRITING RESCOURCES:

Wynn Bexton said...

I don't generally get brain-waves in the shower, but I sure find it helps to walk by the ocean when you are trying to quiet your mind and get out of writer's block. Lots of inspiration comes to me while stolling on the sea wall.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments! And thanks to Ross, for pointing out a typo that I've overlooked on far too many occasions. My eyesight must not be what it used to be.

Wishing everyone well.