Monday, February 19, 2007

Moving On

Had a productive writing session last night and another one today. Two more chapters down. It was fun to see how things developed. I am seeing multiple layers beginning to come together, something I had intended, had hoped for, but wasn't sure exactly how I'd realize in the text. It's happening naturally. I'm letting the story go, letting it take its own course. I know the main pillars, I shoot for them, but otherwise it's a tangle, and that's okay. New scenes are coming along that I had never envisioned, and some of them are really intriguing. I'll use this first draft to draw from, for sure. Some of the writing is excellent, very tight, very focused. Some of it feels around a little, looking for something. Once I find it the text draws in tight around it. That's what drafts are like.

Yes, it's an exploration. I'm an explorer. I should get one of those little hats with a light on the front of it.

With the present word count (over 45k), I should be ready to enter Act III by now, but in fact I'm still in the early part of Act II. That's okay. I'm no longer counting words, just trying to keep it as brief as I can as I move forward, since otherwise it'll become another huge manuscript, larger than it needs to be. Even trying to keep it short, it's twice the length I intended. That's okay. Everything's okay. I'm beyond caring about these things. I'm looking at the larger picture. Letting go of the details of the process. Focusing on the story, the characters.


Moving on,


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