Monday, December 18, 2006

Coming Soon: What's THE ISLE About?

This week, as soon as I can, I'll put up an initial draft of the back-cover blurb for THE ISLE, so visitors to this site will have some idea what it's about.

If you'd like to see what my last novel, THE REFLECTING STONE, is about, you'll find a link to it near the top of the sidebar (look in the margin where the links are). I'm still editing that novel, and will still finish it and seek to have it published -- it's a very worthwhile story, but I don't want to sit in idle mode too long, so I'm busy with my next novel finally, after a couple of false starts.

I can say that the new novel, THE ISLE, deals with a young man on his way to Australia to spend the summer in the Outback. On the plane he meets another young man who intrigues him terribly, but just then there is a significant problem with the plane and it crashes. There's lots of mystery to follow as the young man washes up on a fog-shrouded ISLE....


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